The National Costumes of Holland

Gardilanne, Gratiane de.
The National Costumes of Holland: Fifty Studies Reproduced by Lithography in Full Colours from the Originals of Gratiane de Gardilanne and Elizabeth Whitney Moffat with an Introduction and Explanatory Letterpress by Alma Oakes.
London: George G. Harrap & Co., 1932.

Rare Book 391.09492 G16 oversize v. 1 & 2

National costume, the most interesting of all the features which differentiate the peoples of Europe, is disappearing by degrees. With it, most unfortunately, disappear many patches of historic colour, many picturesque points of contact with the past. Even in Holland, where old customs and old traditions were so long and so faithfully upheld, the characteristic Dutch dress is falling out of use."

- Alma Oakes, “Preface,” in Gardilanne, The National Costumes of Holland