The Black Student Organization

The Black Student Organization was founded under direction of Warren Buck, a graduate student in theoretical physics in 1969. Though the BSO began as a social organization, where black students of color could congregate without judgement, the group soon began reaching out to the community. In conjunction with the Office of Minority Affairs (now the Center for Student Diversity), the BSO published several brochures which focused on exposing African American high schoolers to William & Mary. They worked diligently to ensure that William & Mary was a place where African Americans could thrive, academically and socially.

Over the years, the BSO has sponsored hundreds campus events from fundraisers and marches to lectures and concerts. Thanks to the Black Student Organization, Maya Angelou, Ossie Davis, A Tribe Called Quest, and so many other incredible individuals have visited William & Mary. The Black Student Organization is still up and running today, holding cookouts, fundraisers, and an Annual Black Student Organization Honor Awards every year.