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14 May 1862. [Pattie Watkins], Mount Pleasant, [Prince Edward County] to her sister, [Nannie V. Watkins].

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Addressed Envelope Mrs. Nannie V. Watkins Sassafras Fork P. Office Granville North Carolina

Mt. Pleasant May 14th 1862

My Dear Sister,

I have been intending for a week to write to you but Mollie came & staid several days with us & it is such a treat to have her with us that I couldn't write while she was here. And we felt so anxious about our dear one in the Army after she left that I had no heart to write but we heard sunday from Brother Dick through Charley Redd & heard that he was well & yesterday by light your letter & one from Brother Nat came together. It seemed so natural to hear from both at the same time. But yours [showed?] that you were very anxious about him & his was fill ed with anxiety about you. He was at Hanover C.H. & ^all^ was well, thought that they would all come to Richmond. I want very much to write to him but I think it is so uncertain about his getting the letter that I have concluded to wait a day or two & see if I can hear where he is stationed now. We had heard so many rumors about Gloucester Point being cut off & then about the Troop being cut off that Ma & I almost felt like keeping thanks giving yesterday when we heard that they were both safe. Yesterday was Ma's 73rd birth day. The troops came very near being cut off but Col Stewart was with them & he told every man to follow him said he would swim James River before he would be taken & they all rushed down the bank & found that they could get along on the sand bar under the bank & so got safely away. These are certainly dark anxious times to us. I was very glad to hear Jimmie Watkins was at home. So many around here were wounded on the Peninsular & near Staunton, one body was brought home sunday & buried in this neighborhood young [Farrar?] & the same day Tom Hines brought home his son who died with fever several weeks ago. Branch Spencer is at home wounded but not very badly. William Walton was slightly wounded & Emmet [Woolten?] is wounded & at home. His father is very low not expected to live. ^with consumption^. And there are a great many more that I know the names of but am not acquainted with though I have seen them very often. We can't hear a word from the Charlotte Troop but guess that they were not in the fight. Miss Sallie Lacy died last sunday night with Typhoid Pneumonia. She was sick only six days but was ill all the time was at church one Sunday & died the next. We went to the funeral yesterday Dr. Smith preached it, from the text For I know that my Redeem er liveth etc. Dr. Drury Lacy & Mr. Wharey were both there. Old Dr. Lacy looked as if he was almost ready to shout. He raised all of the times Horace & Drury were both at Staunton ^in the army^ didn't know that she was sick. We were so sorry to hear of Sarah's death. It seems as if the young & healthy at home are as liable to death as those that go in the army. Glen Read's son of Farm ville was killed at Williamsburg. He went for the body but it was in the hands of the enemy & they wouldn't let him have it. Ma seemed almost well again but she spits a little blood every now & then. Mr. Redd is right sick with cold. I feel right anxious about him. Sister Sue is very well & is all the time busy with her garden & her baby her cloth & her fowls. She has upwards of a hundred little turkeys & a good number of chickens 10 or 12 goslings her peas are almost large enough to eat. The garden looks very well. And I think the flowers are prettier this spring than I ever saw them. Sister Sue has had two 60 yds pieces of cloth & has another piece almost ready for the loom she has warp & filling spun at home but has the weaving done out. Frankie has one tooth & is right fretful some times but when you remember that she is the only little one & we haven't had a baby here for so long you will expect to find her spoilt & cross. She is a right fat sweet baby though not much like Lily. Mr. Whorey has been home now about a fortnight he looks very well & preaches as well as ever. He started to come here a day or two ago but heard that Miss Sallie Lacy was dead & went back to attend the funeral. He went to see Mollie & tell her about Brother Dick. Mollie is very well & the children are so sweet & pretty. But I don't think [Minnie?] is as pretty as she was. [Savelitte?] came here with her & they staid 4 or 5 days. Tom Daniel made us a visit while they were here. He was very lively & told us a great many funny things about the Dutch gals. Hal came with him. John hasn't been home at all for a whole year. I saw [Cous?] William Morton yesterday. All are well at his house. He says the baby is just like me & he wants to name it after me. Mr. [Peck?] is going as our chaplain & is going to the hospitals we have raised nearly two hundred dollar for him & expect to get quite two hundred. I received a letter from Mollie Goodie a few days ago. Tell Pattie that [Tom?] Daniel talked about her & complained that she would not answer his letter said she only wrote a line or two & all of that was sending her love to John. We heard from Brother Will's Monday. All well except Mildred she had a right sore throat. I was up there about a week ago. Sister Kate was making a great deal of butter & sending it to Richmond & [Wills?] [got?] 15 cts for 40lbs.

The following written upside down in top margin:

I want to come for you very much sometime this summer but advise you not to wait for me if you can get ready before I get there come on here & I will try to go back with you. I do want to see Charley & Hollie so much. Kiss them a hun dred times for me. Minnie says some words very plain & trots about every where. Cornelia Eggleston is beautiful now but she doesn't walk at all if mighty good. Maria Dupuy has been right sick with bilious colic but is almost well again. Ma & all join me in love to you & all at your Pa's & kisses to Charley & Hollie.

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