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Women's Chorus Scrapbook, 1973-1974, Book 2

Page 36

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The eyes of Texas are upon me... Soft eyes, kind eyes, oftentimes-tired eyes; But full-of-dedication, and supreme-fulfillment eyes.

I feel these eyes upon me through the moments of each day. When I'm ready to give up, or to take the easy way... The eyes say: "Discipline." And then they show me by personal example When my schedule is so rushed and tight that I think, "No, I can't..." The eyes say: "That word isn't in my vocabulary." And then they refer me to the "F.B.I." When the world is pressing in on me, and I feel that I could cry... The eyes say: "Laughter refreshes the soul." And then the eyes laugh with me. When I feel that romance passes me by, and is nowhere to be found... The eyes say: "You've got to have a little romance in your life to sing well." And then I see reflected in those eyes a great love for someone special, And I know that romance still lives. When I feel an empty place inside to know that the eyes will soon be gone... They eyes say: "You don't look back... You've got to keep going." And I know that the eyes and I will do so.

Eyes are empty in and of themselves. Eyes reflect the essence of the heart and soul. Such are these eyes from Texas which say so much to me.

The eyes of Texas will always be upon me; endearing in my memory. But this is not the end. For I will once again meet these eyes -- "Pappy's" eyes, When Gabriel blows his horn.

No, this is not goodbye, just Fehr-well....

May God bless you richly. Much Love from Beth Weringo Soprano, II Class of '77

[picture of Beth Weringo]

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