2 May 1862. Mary Daniel, to her brother, "Nat"

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2 May 1862. Mary Daniel, to her brother, "Nat"


Civil War correspondence; 2 May, 1862. 4 pp. ALS.


Daniel, Mary.


Special Collections Research Center, Swem Library, College of William and Mary




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"Home" May 2nd 1862.

My dear brother,
Millie says if I will
be a good girl she will teach
me to write soon. Then I will
write you a nice little letter
by myself. Then you will think
more of it. The weather is getting
to be so pleasant. Charlie and
I can play out of doors. It makes
me feel so happy to see the pretty
flowers and green grass and
the little birds have commenced
building their nests and sing
so sweetly. The rain has made the
leaves go so fast. The yard begins
to look cool and shady.

The bees left the hive and settled
in a peach tree. [?] made Uncle
Big Billie put them in a hive.
They seemed very good natured.
One lit on Uncle Billie's nose but
he looked so pleasant. He did
care to sting him. One got up
side Martha's sleeve but she got
him out so quick he did not
hurt her. Pa gave his siding
horse to cousin Goodie for his
old ugly Charlie. It distressed me
so much for fear he will not
treat our horse good but I
reckon it was very well as
Pa was afraid to ride him.
Old Charlie is very gentle and
sister Martha put Charlie up

on his back and it pleased
him so much he did not
want to get off. Minnie is
so pretty I wish you could see
her. She can run right fast
and says some very sweet
little words. She begins to ride
stick horse with Charlie and
we enjoy our selves very much.
Nellie has a little colt with
a white face. Ma has eighteen
goslings but no turkeys yet. Sister
Martha has eighty or ninety little
chickens. My hen is setting. Sister
Martha made me a very pretty
yellow calico dress last week. Sister
made Charlie some little jackets
and he was so proud of them.

would cry every time she put
them on because he wanted to
wear them all the time, she is
going to make him some little
pants to wear with them, then
he will be a little man.
The puppies are growing very
fast and are full of fuss. They
went in the garden today and
chased an old setting turkey around
the onion patch. They enjoyed
it very much until Celia turned
the joke on them. The carriage
broke down Sunday but Pa is
having it [?] today. All
send love to you. Please write
to me soon and I will answer
all of your letters. Goodbye brother Nat.
From your little sister Mary Daniel.

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