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Letter refers to a letter from Harriet to Colonel Gantt regarding articles on the war in "The Century". Ewell gives his opinions and versions of Peninsula campaigns of 1861 and 1862. He opines that American generals are not to be compared with…

Supports General Grant's re-election because he will bring peace to all factions. "Virginians now rule Virginia" because of Grant's efforts.

Thanks him for check which he cannot use for trip to Springs. Will give it to Lizzy for travel instead. Hopes Lyzinka better. Could make more money with nine sheep than Richard does. Hopes Richard will visit soon.

Will not travel this summer. Lizzy and child were ill, but now better and will visit her mother. Richard must visit as promised, but not speak of his walth. William irate about Stony Lonesome sale.

Judge Crump needs exact statement on General Ewell's orders to burn tobacco warehouses. Was order not made twice by General Lee, "ill-judged, harsh, unnecessary." General's reputation at stake. How are Scotchmen working out. Please come for month's…

Letter of condolence on death of his son, the Reverend Henry A. Wise

Land selling cheaply here. Farm 6 miles away on James worth $50,000 before Waldt auction for $10,000. Janestown may be be sold. Benjamin will take $3,000 for his share (one half) of stony Lonesome.

Expected his visit for some weeks. Lyzincka has inquired about Va. farms, but [asked?] Gantt won't think of it. Lyz wants to found scholarship in Richard's name making him immortal. Would Richard like to be W&M President/ Wm. Peachy wishes he would.

Spent the $188 Richard sent to Mr. Reynolds for Lizzie's wedding on a $115 silver bottle, dish, and "concern for making tea." Reservations about marriage, but no right to interfere. Mr. Scott seems well off, all one can do now is try to stay alive. …

Sending her side-saddle to Farmville after repairs in Richmond. Cold weather made James River unnavigable. No news of Williamsburg friends. news of mutual friends and servants. Women at home very talkative. How to fit candlewick. Regards to all the…

Death of Francis, "most excellent man; and one of the last for his time." Elizabeth may stay with Benjamin and lead life of nun if she desires. Keep silver in the family.

Sick with chills in Balt. + Phila., could not have come to Tennessee. Now back with Lizzie. Wants him to join William and himself in buying Tidewater farm, good for him and good investment.

Do not buy wine for Priests, who must drink such quantities, it loses taste. Keep money for something useful. Will answer Sr. Stanislav's letter, but with difficulty. Cousin Francis' accident. Lizzy soon to marry Mr. Scott of Prince Edward

Thanks her for wine, but should have kept it for priests. Gets sick when doesn't drink or when he does. Found "Variations of Baptists" in Becca's books, also letter from William about priests, also one from Lyzinka asking him not to go back to…

Enclosures: 9/5/67: Letter to Mr. Scott to B.S. Ewell.
9/9/67: Ewell's answer to Scott
Scott asks Lizzie's hand in marriage in October, cannot come to ask in person.
Ewell tells Scott it is nonsense to defer marriage. May or may not be able to go…

Why does she want him to join Catholic Church/ Too old to genuflect, source of fun to College students. Man can't change habits in a day. Might be sent to Europe as converted C[?] chief, already, scalped Bishop and Archbishop would agree.

Announcement of Becca's death from bilious dysentary [sic]. Little pain, gradually weaker. Mr. Southwall with her. Burial late today.

Plans for Lizzie ought to be preferable to her. Might have runaway match otherwise. Campbell did not visit, doubts [?] and Dick will either.